Titus and his truck

November 8, 2008


On Halloween we went to a friends house for a party. In their backyard we ate dinner while all the kids (and there were a lot of them) played on the playscape, moon bounce or various toys. Titus is still not at the development level where he "plays with others" but he’s always looking for a good toy and on this night he found one. Titus found a Little Tikes truck. Normally you’d see one of the red and yellow Little Tikes cars (what family of a toddler or church nursery doesn’t have one of these). Well, the truck was totally cool and eve though there were at least 20 kids running around that yard, Titus we focused on his truck. The funny thing was that he didn’t know how to get in at first, so he figured he’d crawl in the bed and squeeze in through the back window. Not a bad idea, especially for a boy… that is until he got stuck.



Hey, what do you expect. He’s never climbed into a truck by himself.


Much more comfortable in the cab. I got a feeling Titus is going to like his trucks.


Just when he thought everything was okay, a sweet little girl opened the door and crawled in with Titus. Remember how I said that Titus doesn’t play with other? Well that includes that he prefers not to share with others either. He cried and the mom of the girl got her out and took her to find something else to play with. Titus, you better get used to it, you’re going to be sharing your car with a girl for most of your life.

Enjoy the video of Titus and his car:

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  1. Nene Says:

    Wow! I just spent the best 10 minutes on Vimeo catching up on Titus and his adventures! The one of him napping at the table was the funniest ever!
    Loved them all! Keep those pictures and videos coming! Love to you all!


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