A quick trip to the park

November 16, 2008



The weather was perfect and we had 30 minutes to spare, so we decided to take Titus up to the main park in our neighborhood. We’re so glad we did. There is a playground right down the street from our house, but it’s really designed for kids older than Titus. He likes to play and climb and we have to continually “spot him” everywhere he goes. This new playground has a huge play area that is perfectly safe for a wobbly toddler. We’ll defiantly be back to this one.


Driving comes naturally. Gotta check those blind spots when backing up.


Getting out of these things are a lot harder than it looks.


Looks big from his perspective, huh?


Having a blast!


Not sure what he’s thinking here.


Static electricity is a beautiful thing.

But wait, there’s even more. Watch the video below to watch Titus in action.

Titus at the playground from Kenny Conley on Vimeo.

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