Summer wedding cookout

June 13, 2009

Kenny, Ministry


Today I’m doing a wedding. I’ve been counseling the couple for a few months and I’m excited to finally be performing the wedding. The wedding is being held at the beautifu Zilker Botanical Gardens. So what make’s it a wedding cookout?


The heat. Looks like we’ll reach the hottest point of the day at 5:00 PM. What time does the wedding start? 5:00! We’re doing the wedding in the rose garden. It’s beautiful, but there’s no shade. Actually the groom, bride and I will be under an arbor, but everyone atteneding will be in the sun! Good thing the wedding’s only 20-25 minutes. Looks like I’ll be drycleaning my suit after this wedding.



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One Response to “Summer wedding cookout”

  1. jonathan Says:

    I’ve been to Zilker. Such a beautiful place, even if it’s freaking hot!


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