Vacation begins

July 19, 2009

Adventures, Family

Next week Sara and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary! Woo Hoo! My parents are coming to Austin to watch Mr. T. while Sara and I shoot off to Playa De Carmen for five days. From the beginning I had planned to actually take several days off before we left for Playa to really get into the vacation mode before leaving. As a result, Sara and I have been working really hard at getting everything done that we needed to accomplish to leave for vacation a week before we left for Playa. Then, last week our good friends JD and Shelby invited us to go to their family’s lake house on Possum Kingdom lake.

As a result, I only slept four hours a night for the last three nights and last night Sara only slept two. We’re about 95% done with everything, but we opted to go to the lake with our friends even though we didn’t get everything done. So, we’re officially on vacation mode right now. We’ll come home on Sunday for another day of work/errands, but then we’ll be back in vacation mode by Monday evening when my parents arrive.

So, here are some pics from the day on the lake. It was pure awesomeness!












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