Georgia Guidestones: Why didn’t I know about these?

June 28, 2009

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Tonight I was reading my favorite magazine and they had an article about the Georgia Guidestones? Have you heard about these things?

Essentially some guy (we don’t even know his real name) representing an anonymous group of people wanted to build a monument in rural North East Georgia. What is the monument? It’s the ten commandments for the new world order.


Yeah, exactly. Also called America’s Stonehenge, these massive slabs of granite were put together in such a way to survive an apocalyptic event. The purpose of the guidestones are to be the rules for the post-apocalypse civilization. Here’s the Wikipedia entry.

I totally want to go see these things. They’ve been in place since 1980. Although I didn’t live too close to these things, why have I not heard of them? Perhaps I’ll see them on a future roadtrip! It’s not really on the way to anything, so the next time I’m in Georgia and I have absolutley nothing to do for 10-12 hours, I’ll venture out to cross these off my “things to see” list.

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