He’s smiling now.

July 26, 2007


Yup, Titus has a big fat smile now. Maybe that’s because he’s sleeping about 6 hours every night… yeah, we have big fat smiles on our faces too. Here are some recent pictures. One is in his baseball outfit. I don’t really like baseball very much, but if he’s going to look this cute, he can play all he wants. The other pictures are of our little guy chillin’ in the tub. He really likes taking baths. Tonight I was standing about 5 feet away taking pictures and and he peed on me. Yeah… I was shocked. I figure that this won’t be the last time. I’m just impressed with his distance… and aim.


4 Responses to “He’s smiling now.”

  1. Mom Says:

    Titus has Nana and Pops smiling real big looking at these pics. You are so precious Titus. We love you and miss you bunches!! We love you too, Mommy and Daddy!!


  2. Nene Says:

    Oh my goodness, he really does look like Kenny! Josh was right when he said the world needs to get ready – another Mr. Kenny! ! ! We miss you guys so much and you can’t know how much I’d love to get my hands on that little guy! He is absolutely precious! keep those pictures coming! We love them. Bless you all, Nene


  3. Rose Says:

    Very impressive little guy, cute, athletic and can pee on a target 5 ft away! When Trey was a baby (he is now 5’7″ and 14 years old) I was taking him out of the tub to answer the phone. I had him draped face out over my forearm and as I was talking to Mark I heard a sizzling sound. You see, Trey was born in February and to keep the little guy warm during his baths in the kitchen I would turn on the oven and open the door. You guessed it – he peed right in the oven. We ordered pizza for dinner that night. Hugs to you guys.


  4. Josh Suiter Says:

    Yes, he does look like Kenny. Kinda freaky. Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.


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