Before and After

August 17, 2007


I had this idea the other day. After hearing that Titus was at a grand wieght of 13 pounds, I knew that he is definatley growing. Since we live with him everyday, we don’t always see the change. I knew that I had a good picture of him in his carseat when he was one week old. I decided to put in him in again and take a picture. This way I could compare the two. I was initially shocked at how much he grew. Then I was shocked again. The pictures were not to scale, so all I was noticing was the chubbyness of the arms and filling out in areas. I used photoshop to match up the warning lable on the carseat and the buckle… my word he’s gotten huge! Enjoy! I’ll keep doing this every month or so… I’ll just have to find something different for when he’s too big for the carseat.


click on picture to see full size


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3 Responses to “Before and After”

  1. kim Says:

    oh my goodness! he is getting big. and he is sooo stinking cute! i wanna come over and babysit some time! that is if you ever need anyone.


  2. Nene Says:

    Kenny and Sara: He is adorable! ! ! He is absolutely ‘Little Mr. Kenny’ according to Josh!
    Wish I could just cuddle him for a few minutes. Sure do miss you and pray for you all three! Isn’t parenthood just the best?! Adam is driving now – yikes! See how the years fly by! Enjoy not just every minute but every second. . .it will fly by soooooo fast. Love you all, Nene


  3. Johnny E! Says:

    Kenny and Sara, good looking young man. He is so big. Wait until he starts calling you poppa/momma and wants a hug and kiss. Man what a heart melter.


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