I really love my wife!

September 19, 2007

Kenny, Sara

Maybe we are not like every other couple out there, but I really love Sara. It’s been an incredibly busy summer with events out the wazoo on top of having a baby. Then I went into an even busier fall with staffing changes I made. All I know is that I have an incredibly patient wife who has put up with a husband who has been much busier than he should have been. Thankfully the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight and things may returen to normal… at least for a few months.

So, I have a little experiment I’m going to try. Tonight I was hanging out with a friend and volunteer after church at Sonic. While at Sonic my friend and fellow staff member came walking up to me (with his wife) to deliver to me a rose. Yeah, it was one of those roses you get from Wal-Mart when you’re going on a date and want to pick up a quick flower. Odd as it was that Matt brought this to me, he told me the found it in the bushes over by Wendy’s. I can only assume that some girl dumped her boyfriend and threw her rose away. I told Matt thanks and that I would give it to Sara.


Now Sara likes flowers. She doesn’t go all crazy like some people do, but she does like them. I figured I could have just come home and given her the flower and told her I found it. She’d laugh, probably make some crack about the circumstace of getting the rose and then put it in a vase. Yeah, but I have a better plan. I’m going to take the rose out of the crappy Wal-Mart wrapping, put it in a vase and put a sweet note with it. This little experiment is to see if a rose Matt found in the bushes will touch my sweet Sara’s heart. I think it will.


Yeah, I already feel guilty that I’m giving her rose that someone else threw away. I should have thought of buying her flowers on my own because that is what means more to her than me getting the flowers in the first place. More than flowers, completing the honey-do list I promised to do already  would touch her heart more. Ultimately, I really do love my wife and I’m pretty sure she knows it. I dont’ say it to her often enough, but she sure means the world to me. She’s a great mommy to my little boy and I coudln’t imagine being married to anyone else.

So, I’ll let you know what Sara thinks of the rose.


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2 Responses to “I really love my wife!”

  1. marianne parsons Says:

    What a Godly model of a husband you are already being for Titus!


  2. Joel Says:

    Well, what did she think??


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