House sold, new teeth and lots of interviewing…

February 8, 2008

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Just an update on the Conley’s. The last time I really updated this blog was just after the holidays. Well, the reason updates have been far and few between has been because we’ve been BUSY!

Well, we sold our house. We didn’t get as much out of it as we would have liked, but the fact that we sold our house in a depressed market and no longer have a house payment… we’re very pleased. We close on February 15th so we’re currently packing it up so we’re out in time.

It has been so fun to watch Titus grow and develop. He got his first tooth about 2 weeks ago and a second tooth is getting ready to break through. He’s our little snaggle-tooth right now. He’s enjoying solid food and has just learned to eat cheerios. What’s really fun is to watch him try to get them in his mouth. Probably most fun of all is that Titus now has bath toys. He loves splashing around.

Last of all, I’ve been very busy interviewing for ministry positions. This has been a very tough transition for me. I’m really blessed to have an opportunity to provide for my family during the interim so that I can truly explore my options. Finding the right ministry fit is a very delicate process and there are so many things to consider. I couldn’t imagine feeling the financial pressure of having to jump into something really quick (If this were the situation, I am sure God would guide and provide). However, this time I find myself in a very different situation. In the past I was very anxious to dive into positions that provided an opportunity to explore, try new stuff and grow in ability and skill. I’ve loved the opportunities that I’ve had. However, this time around I’m looking for more of an opportunity to apply the skills I’ve developed over the years and be challenged in new areas. So, in some ways I’ve been a little picker than I have been in the past. I’ve had the opportunity to meet with and interview with a handful of churches making a huge impact on their communities. Although it has been nice to not be in a rush, I’m really anxious to get back to what I do best. I’m sure there will be some more definite developments in the next 6 to 8 weeks… I’ll keep you posted.

Well, that is about it. Hopefully more frequent posts in the near future.


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One Response to “House sold, new teeth and lots of interviewing…”

  1. Josh Suiter Says:

    Good luck in the search. I know how horrible that can be. Congrats on selling the house.

    We’ll keep praying for God to place you in your next ministry spot.

    Josh and Lizzie Suiter


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