It’s a joke… really!

February 8, 2008

Titus, Travel

Christmas 152 [Blog]While driving through Florida, we stopped at a place where Sara could use the bathroom and where I could change Titus’ diaper (because he had already gone to the bathroom). Since I was changing him in the front seat I let him sit up in the seat… very cute. Just for kicks, I put the seatbelt on. You can see my thumb holding the belt down (otherwise the shoulder restraint would have firmly held him against the seat by his forehead). What a funny picture… looks like either a really little old man (yes, the pants do not help at all) or a very big baby (which he is that as well).

And don’t anyone panic, Titus was never sitting up front while the car was moving… we’re smarter than that. Obviously I can’t run that fast to hold the shoulder restraint in place.

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  1. nene Says:

    That is just the cutest kid I have ever seen in my life! ! !


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