Labor Day Cold

September 1, 2008

Francie, Titus

IMG_0328 [Blog]Poor kid. Two day’s ago Titus woke up with a stuffy nose. Yesterday both Sara and Titus stayed home from church and this is what woke up this morning. Actually, I think he’s on the rebound now (he just looks miserable). He’s been quite happy this morning. He had a big breakfast (half a bowl of oatmeal, half a plum, a container of applesauce and a “Kenny-Sized” handful of cheerios  ). While I did dishes, he happily played with his toys in the living room without any complaints. What’s really cute is how he does like to cuddle when he’s not feeling well or very tired. After completing the dishes I sat down on a chair in the living room and he walked over to me and rested his head on my leg as he was standing there (it would have been much more cute if the odor of whatever was in his diaper hadn’t made my stomach turn). Even last night just before I put him to bed, Tits crawled over to where Francie was sleeping and set his head on her belly to snuggle. What a cute little boy.

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  1. Nene Says:

    Seems like I’ve seen that look from daddy once or twice 🙂 Titus, just pray that you are all grown up before mom and dad BOTH get sick at the same time – it’s not pretty! Hope everyone is on the mend and Sara, hope you had a wonderful birthday! Love to all, Nene


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