Check out Animoto, You’ll love it!

September 15, 2008


I just made this video in minutes. Cool, huh?


I got this from a blog I read and I was more than intrigued. I decided to give it a shot and WOW, it’s amazing! To be honest, I couldn’t make a better photo collage video in 10 times the time with all the right tools. It’s also the perfect business model in my book. I can make little 30 second movies like crazy, all for free. If I want to export the video in DVD quality, I have to pay for it. If I want to make a longer than 30 second video, I have to pay for it. Sounds fair to me.

I just thought I’d pass it along as I figured others might like to check it out as well.

Dont’ take my word for it… make your own video. Click here to visit Animoto!

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