The Banff Chronicles

October 5, 2008

Kenny, Sara, Travel

Originally I intended to blog from our vacation in Banff, Canada. Why not? I’d blogged from our week-long stay in Dubai and even blogged the birth of Titus. However, at the end of every day I was a little tired, more interested in reading… and quite frankly, blogging felt like working. The only things I did while on vacation was daily scan my personal email, occasionally twittered interesting activities and researched what fun things we’d do the next day.

So, now I’m flying home with several hours to kill. Time to document! 🙂

So, enjoy the many posts entitled “The Banff Chronicles.” Be sure to check out Sara’s personal blog the Dixie Gypsy as she’ll be documenting the experiences (and tastes I’m sure) from her perspective.


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  1. Mom R Says:

    Can’t wait too read and see more!


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