What soap I’m using

June 25, 2009

Kenny, Random Thoughts


Okay, before you roll your eyes and dismiss this post, please here me out. This soap has changed my life and it could possibly change your life as well.

Okay, that was just a little dramatic. Before I met Sara I was a bar soap kinda guy. It’s all I ever knew. Men don’t use them sissy, flowery body washes, right? Then Sara brought her body wash into my life and I’ve been living life differently. When I watch those commercials where they talk about soap scum, residue and sticky film left behind by bar soap, not my head in agreement. I’ve been converted.

074182288235I think what normally drives Sara’s choice in body wash selection is price. She gets whatever is on sale. Currently we’re using Soft Soap’s Honeysuckle and Orange Peel. It’s good, but it doesn’t compare to what we just finished. Seriously, as much as moving to body wash changed my life, this product changed my life again. It’s Soft Soap’s Pomegranate and Mango. I’ll be honest. I don’t really like mango and I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten a pomegranate. However, every time I used this stuff, I wanted to eat it. I didn’t because it was soap. But if you poured this stuff in a jar and gave it to someone, they’d want to drink it becasue it smells that good. You; however, would be a jerk for getting someone to drink soap though.

So, if you’re at the store and you see a bottle of Pomegranate and Mango, do yourself a favor and get a bottle or three. I’m praying it goes on sale again soon. Now you know what’s going on my Christmas list this year.



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2 Responses to “What soap I’m using”

  1. Shayla Hintz Says:

    I’m pretty sure you are being somewhat serious but oh, you made me laugh! Thanks for the chuckles.


  2. jonathan Says:

    but does it fix your man stink?


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